Terms and conditions:

1. On Friday 24th you can access Bogbain Farm from 12 noon. On arrival you will exchange your ticket for a wrist band which will allow camping and entrance to the bar area. Sunday will be off site no later than 4pm.

2. You are responsible for cleaning up your camping area at the end of your camp, please lets leave it as tidy as possible in case we will want to meet again!

3. Dogs must be kept on a lead and please clean up behind them, no nappy sack tree decorations please.

4. This is a family meeting so please be aware of noise after 11pm and try to keep it to a minimum – respecting those may want a good nights sleep.

5. Friends attending the Ceilidh on the Saturday will get a different wrist band and MUST leave at the end of the Ceilidh for Security. They will not be permitted to enter the camping field.